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Automatic Creation of quality Multi-word Lexica from noisy text data Article
Modeling the scholars: Detecting intertextuality through enhanced word level ngram matching Article
The Geographic Imagination of Civil War-Era American Fiction Article
SIMPLE Work Package 2. Linguistic Specifications - Deliverable D2.1 Report
Detection of Citations and Textual Reuse on Ancient Greek Texts and its Applications in the Classical Studies: Eaqua Project Article
Documentation of P clue/ lexical class from Weka computer Web Service Report
From Dependencies to Constituents in the Reference Corpus for the Processing of Basque (EPEC) Article
Oh Oh Oh, Woah! Towards Automatic Topic Detection in Song Lyrics Article
Apertium: a free/open-source platform for rule-based machine translation Article
ELM-IT: EAGLES Specifications for Italian morphosyntax Lexicon Specification and Classification Guidelines Report
Robustness and customisation in an analyser/lemmatiser for Basques Article
Ancora: Multilevel Annotated Corpora for Catalan and Spanish Article
The Movie Mashup Application Moma: Geolocalizing and Finding Movies Article
Application of feature propagation to dependency parsing Article
Design and development of a named entity recognizer for an agglutinative language Article
Documentation of Bayesian parameter estimation Web Service Report
Cat3LB and Cast3LB: from Constituents to dependencies Chapter
Testing the Effect of Morphological Disambiguation in Dependency Parsing of Basque Article
An Assistant Tool for Verse-Making in Basque Based on Two-Level Morphology Article
IXA pipeline: Efficient and Ready to Use Multilingual NLP tools Article
FreeLing 2.1: Five Years of Open-source Language Processing Tools Article
Wikicorpus, v. 1.0: Catalan, Spanish and English portions of the Wikipedia Webpage
Text handling as a Web Service for the IULA processing pipeline Article
Translating Named Entities using Comparable Corpora Article
Documentation of Naive Bayes classifier Web Service Report
Tracing the Flow of Policy Ideas in Legislatures: A Text Reuse Approach Article
Ihardetsi: A Question Answering system for Basque built on reused linguistic processors Article
Geographic visualization of place names in Swedish literary texts Article
Is There a Political Bias? A Computational Analysis of Female Subjects' Coverage in Liberal and Conservative Newspapers Article
Platform for Automatic, Normalized Annotation and Cost-Effective Acquisition of Language Resources for Human Language Technologies: PANACEA Article
Infectious texts: modeling text reuse in nineteenth-century newspapers Article
Supervised Word Sense Disambiguation: Facing Current Challenges Article
Advanced visual analytics methods for literature analysis Article
Mining the Indianapolis Recorder: An Exploratory Study of a Digital Humanities Dataset Article
Automatic Detection of Non-deverbal Event Nouns for Quick Lexicon Production Article
The Design, Implementation, and Use of the Ngram Statistics Package Chapter
OpenMT: Open Source Machine Translation Using Hybrid Methods Article
Linking a domain thesaurus to WordNet and conversion to WordNet-LMF Article
Automatic extraction of polar adjectives for the creation of polarity lexicons Article
Named entities translation based on comparable corpora Article
Names in novels: An experiment in computational stylistics Article
Iula2Standoff: a tool for creating standoff documents for the IULACT Article
Towards a User-Friendly Webservice Architecture for Statistical Machine Translation in the PANACEA project Article
Different issues in the design and development of the electronic Cuban Basic School Dictionary Article
Documentation of Weka noun signatures creator Web Service Report
Spanish-to-Basque MultiEngine Machine Translation for a Restricted Domain Article
Lessons from the Development of a Named Entity Recognizer for Basque Article
Towards the automatic merging of language resources Article
Travelling Object definition for multilevel lexicon in PANACEA platform Report
Comparing the Similarities and Differences between Two Translations Article
Exploring Treebank Transformations in Dependency Parsing Article
Dependency structure annotation in the IULA Spanish LSP Treebank Article
Trading Consequences. Digging into Data White Paper Report
PANACEA (Platform for Automatic, Normalised Annotation and Cost-Effective Acquisition of Language Resources for Human Language Technologies) Article
FreeLing: An Open-Source Suite of Language Analyzers Article
From Speaker Identification to Affective Analysis: A Multi-Step System for Analyzing Children’s Stories Article
Application of Different Techniques to Dependency Parsing of Basque Article
Meaningful Clustering of Senses Helps Boost Word Sense Disambiguation Performance Article
Determining if two documents are written by the same author Article
A Hybrid Corpus-Based Approach to Bilingual Terminology Extraction Chapter
AnCora-CO: Coreferentially annotated corpora for Spanish and Catalan Article
Biblical Intertextuality in a Digital World: The Tool GERTRUDE Article
Building an electronic version of the Cuban basic school dictionary Article
Analizing androcentric focus & deshumanization in news headlines using advanced exploitation tools Article
Something Borrowed: Sequence Alignment and the Identification of Similar Passages in Large Text Collections Article
The Sensem Project: Syntactico-Semantic Annotation of Sentences in Spanish Chapter
Data mining with criminal intent. Final white paper Report
Relevance of different segmentation options in Spanish-Basque SMT Article
Increasing Recall for Text Re-use in Historical Documents to Support Research in the Humanities Chapter
Documentation of Select Nouns from LMF lexicon Web Service Report
Blog text analysis using topic modeling, named entity recognition and sentiment classifier combine Report
Automatic Detection of Reuses and Citations in Literary Texts Report
Studying How the Past is Remembered: Towards Computational History Through Large Scale Text Mining Article
L-LEME: an Automatic Lexical Merger Based on LMF Standard Technologies Article
WikiNet: A Very Large Scale Multi-Lingual Concept Network Article
Matxin, an open-source rule-based machine translation system for Basque Article
Visual gisting: bringing together corpus linguistics and Geographical Information Systems Article
Combining Stochastic and Rule-based Methods for Disambiguation in Agglutinative Languages Article
Mapping Texts: Combining Text-Mining and Geovisualization to Unlock the Research Potential of Historical Newspapers. A White Paper for the National Endowment for the Humanities Report
Named Entity Recognition and Classification for texts in Basque Article
Wikicorpus: A Word-Sense Disambiguated Multilingual Wikipedia Corpus Article
Ihardetsi: A Basque Question Answering System at QA@CLEF 2008 Article
Parallel corpora for the Galician language: building and processing of the CLUVI (Linguistic Corpus of the University of Vigo) Article
EUSMT: incorporating linguistic information to SMT for a morphologically rich language Article
Quantitative patterns of stylistic influence in the evolution of literature Article
A computational model of text reuse in ancient literary texts Article
Annotating Wall Street Journal Texts Using a Hand-Crafted Deep Linguistic Grammar Article
Machine Translation for Catalan-Spanish. The Real Case for Productive MT Article
Ihardetsi question answering system at QA@CLEF 2008 Article
Multilingual Linguistic Resources: From Monolingual Lexicons to Bilingual Interrelated Lexicons Report
Computational Historiography: Data Mining in a Century of Classics Journals Article
A MWE Acquisition and Lexicon Builder Web Service Article
Automated Attribution and Intertextual Analysis Report
Automatic Lexical Semantic Classification of Nouns Article
Automatic morphological analysis of Basque Article
Catalan Simple. Final Lexicon Documentation Report
Corpus and Tools. MaltParser for Spanish Webpage
Corpus and exploitation tool: IULACT and bwanaNet Article
Customizable SCF Acquisition in Italian Article
Documentation of ContaWords Report
Documentation of LMF file merger Web Service Report
Documentation of MaltParser Web Service Report
Documentation of Nouns Classifier Web Service Report
Home Page of Ted Pedersen Webpage
LMF Lexical Markup Framework Book
Language and Ideology in Congress Article
Lyrics-based Analysis and Classification of Music Article
Mapping the English Lake District: a literary GIS Article
Multilingual Central Repository version 3.0 Article
PAROLE/SIMPLE ‘lemon’ ontology and lexicons Article
Parole. Final Spanish Lexicon Documentation Report
Parole/Simple (Lexinfo) Ontology and Lexicons Webpage
Refining Causality: Who Copied from Whom? Article
Reordering in Spanish-Basque SMT Article
Semantic analysis of song lyrics Article
Structure-based Clustering of Novels Article
The Basque lexical-sample task Article
The IULA Treebank Article
The PAROLE model and the Italian Syntactic lexicon Chapter
The Spanish DELPH-IN grammar Article
The Tibidabo Treebank Article
Topic modeling on historical newspapers Article
Transfer Selection Support Report
Tree Revision Learning for Dependency Parsing Article
Using Language Resources in Humanities research Article
Using Wikipedia for Named-Entity Translation Article
Web Services for Bayesian Learning Article
El corpus tècnic del IULA: corpus textual especializado plurilingüe Article
Descripción de los sistemas presentados por IXA-EHU a la evaluación ALBAYCIN’08 Article
De qué hablamos y no hablamos cuando hablamos del hombre: treinta años de crítica y alternativas al pensamiento androcéntrico Book
Las últimas ediciones del Diccionario Básico Escolar de Cuba Article
Ricoterm 3: enriquecimiento de ontologías para la extracción de información de discursos de especialidad 2007-2010 Webpage
Un entorno para el desarrollo y la evaluación de un sistema de búsqueda de respuestas en euskera Article
El poder de les paraules: “Municipals’11 online Article
Primera aproximación para la extracción automática de Entidades Nombradas en corpus de documentos medievales castellanos Article
De quién hablan las noticias?: guía para humanizar la información Book
La segunda y tercera ediciones del Diccionario Básico Escolar Article
Encadenando servicios para analizar el vocabulario de un texto Audio Visual Document
Buscando términos en diferentes textos Audio Visual Document
Corpus Paralelo CLUVI Webpage
Creación y explotación de un corpus temporal Audio Visual Document
Creando un corpus temporal Audio Visual Document
El léxico PAROLE del español Article
Servicios SoapLab de Clarin en Taverna Audio Visual Document
Utilizando el cliente de Soaplab de Clarin Audio Visual Document
Com importar i utilitzar els serveis Soaplab a Taverna Audio Visual Document
SenSem: Banc de dades sintàctic i semàntic de l’espanyol Webpage
CESS-ECE Corpora etiquetats sintàcticament i semànticament (espanyol, català, euskera) Webpage
BASYQUE (Base de Données Syntaxique Basque) Manual Report
Com utilitzar el servei estadístic N-Grams amb l’Spinet Audio Visual Document
Vocabulari bàsic de genoma humà = Vocabulario básico de genoma humano Book
10 anys del Corpus de l’Iula Report
AnCora | Corpus Webpage
Analitzant l’Estatut Audio Visual Document
Anàlisi del vocabulari amb l’Spinet Audio Visual Document
Eines d’anàlisi del vocabulari a Taverna Audio Visual Document
El Corpus de l’IULA: etiquetaris Report
El pretèrit perfet al català antic Audio Visual Document
Pàgina web de l'Observatori de Neologia Webpage
Aplicacións da lexicografía bilingüe baseada en córpora na elaboración do Dicionario CLUVI inglés-galego Article
Dicionario Moderno Inglés-Galego Book
Matxin, euskararako lehenengo itzultzaile automatikoa Article
Erregeletan oinarritutako itzulpen automatikoko sistema baten eraikuntza estaldura handiko baliabide linguistikoak berrerabiliz Article
Bertsolaritzarako errima-aurkitzaile informatikoa Article