Statistics Analysis UseNLPSpecific

Description Statistical analysis refers to a collection of methods used to process large amounts of data for the interpretation of quantitative data.
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1 Audio Visual Documents
Utilizando El Cliente De Soaplab De Clarin
Com Importar I Utilitzar Els Serveis Soaplab A Taverna
Com Utilitzar El Servei Estadístic N Grams Amb L’spinet
Buscando Términos En Diferentes Textos
Anàlisi Del Vocabulari Amb L’spinet
Eines D’anàlisi Del Vocabulari A Taverna
Encadenando Servicios Para Analizar El Vocabulario De Un Texto
2 Reports
Documentation Of P Clue/ Lexical Class From Weka Computer Web Service
Documentation Of Nouns Classifier Web Service
Documentation Of Bayesian Parameter Estimation Web Service
Documentation Of Naive Bayes Classifier Web Service
Documentation Of Select Nouns From LMF Lexicon Web Service
Documentation Of Conta Words
3 Articles
Analizing Androcentric Focus & Deshumanization In News Headlines Using Advanced Exploitation Tools
Using Language Resources In Humanities Research
From Speaker Identification To Affective Analysis: A Multi Step System For Analyzing Children’s Stories
Comparing The Similarities And Differences Between Two Translations
Oh Oh Oh, Woah! Towards Automatic Topic Detection In Song Lyrics
Lyrics Based Analysis And Classification Of Music
Semantic Analysis Of Song Lyrics
4 Projects
Municipals’11 Online
Project Arclight: Analytics For The Study Of 20th Century Media
5 Services
P Clue/ Lexical Class Calculator Web Service
Ted Pedersen's Ngram Statistics Package
TF-IDF Calculator Web Service
Vocabulary Analyzer Web Service
Ted Pedersen's Ngrams Counter Web Service
P Clue/ Lexical Class Computer Web Service
P Clue/ Lexical Class From Weka Computer Web Service
CQP Analyzer Web Service
Corpus To Vectors Web Service
Conta Words
Ixa Pipes