Municipals’11 online Project

Name Municipals’11 online
Description This is an e-communication and e-politics project that analyses the 2011 municipal election campaign in Spain. The main objective of the project is to analyse new tendencies in e-politics and to demonstrate the impact of internet on the electoral process. CLARIN contributed to the research by providing services and tools to run an experiment that automatically analysed published texts in the Catalan political blogosphere related to this election campaign. The process included: a) automatically and periodically access to 459 representative blogs in the Catalan political blogosphere, b) obtaining and pre-processing of the different texts (over 8000 posts) and (iii) texts processing with different statistical tools to calculate the most significant words for each blog in contrast to the others.
Is Referenced By El Poder De Les Paraules: “Municipals’11 Online
Creator Carlos Gonzalo
Affiliation Departament de Comunicació. Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Language Name Catalan
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