CQP Analyzer Web Service Service

Resource Name CQP Analyzer Web Service
Description This WS allows analyzing an already indexed corpus (see CQP indexer WS for indexing details). The WS returns an Excel file with some statistical metrics such as number of nouns, verbs, ngrams, etc. The languages supported are Spanish and English.
Task Statistics Analysis
Demo Invocation http://ws03.iula.upf.edu/soaplab2-axis/#corpus_workbench.corpus_ana...
Output http://iula02v.upf.edu/corpus_data/WS_inouput/272_EN_output.xls
Language Name
  • English
  • Spanish
Service Provider Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Institut Universitari De Lingüística Aplicada (IULA)
Contact Iulatrl a-t upf.edu
Funding Project PANACEA
Service Technology Soap
Endpoint http://ws03.iula.upf.edu/soaplab2-axis/services/corpus_workbench.co...
Subject http://cwb.sourceforge.net/
WSDL http://ws03.iula.upf.edu/soaplab2-axis/services/corpus_workbench.co...
Related Resource CQP Indexer Web Service
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