PAROLE (LE2-4017) Project

Name PAROLE (LE2-4017)
Description The aim of the PAROLE project was the compilation of large, generic and re-usable Written Language Resources for all European Languages, comprising more specifically: i) General language text corpora of the size of 20,000,000 words in 14 languages (Belgian French, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Finnish, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish), and ii) computational lexicons with 20,000 lemmas in 12 languages (Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish). The value of these resources lies not only in the size and number of languages covered by the project, but also in the fact that they are built according to common standards and specifications.
Subject Corpus linguistics   [ DBpedia   Wikipedia ]
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