Migmap Service

Resource Name Migmap
Description Migmap is a web application where the user first chooses generation (forward or backward in time) and gender, while the migration map of The Netherlands related to an interactively pointed municipality (or other aggregation unit) is shown. The existing map-making software module "Kaart" of the Meertens Institute has been transformed into a generic, standards-based tool for the creation and presentation of maps with complex spatio-temporal diffusion data in a user friendly and interactive way. It is based on the availability of places of birth and residence (in 2006) of the Dutch population (16 million alive, 6 million deceased but included) and their family relations from the Civil Registration, so that migrations patterns between municipalities (and immigration from abroad) can be presented over three generations in the 20th century.
Task Geovisualization
Demo Invocation http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/migmap/?lang=en#
Language Name Dutch
Service Provider Meertens Instituut Knaw
Contact gretel@ccl.kuleuven.be
Service Technology Web Application
Resource Creator
Url http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/migmap/?lang=en
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