Matxin Service

Resource Name Matxin
Description Machine translation from Spanish to Basque. Matxin is a Transfer-based MT system from Spanish into Basque. It is an open, reusable and interoperable framework which can be improved in the next future combining it with the statistical model. The MT architecture reuses several open tools and it is based on an unique XML format for the flow between the different modules, which makes easier the interaction among different developers of tools and resources. Being Basque a resource-poor language this is a key feature in our aim for future improvements and extensions of the engine. The result is an open source software which can be downloaded from We think it could be adapted to translating between other languages with few resources.
Task Machine Translation
Demo Invocation
Language Name
  • Spanish
  • Basque
Service Provider Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea. Ixa Taldea
Service Technology Web Application
Resource Creator
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