Ihardetsi Service

Resource Name Ihardetsi
Description A Question-Answering system for the area of Science and Technology. Ihardetsi is a question answering system for Basque. It is a general platform which architecture pays special attention to: 1) the integration of the development and evaluation environments, and 2) the systematic use of XML declarative files to control the execution of the modules and the communication between them.
Task Question Answering
Demo Invocation http://ixa2.si.ehu.es/IhardetsiWebDemo/IhardetsiBezeroa.jsp
Language Name Basque
Service Provider Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea. Ixa Taldea
Contact xabier.arregi@ehu.es
Service Technology Web Application
Resource Creator
Url http://ixa2.si.ehu.es/IhardetsiWebDemo/IhardetsiBezeroa.jsp
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