Eihera Service

Resource Name Eihera
Description Eihera is a system for Named Entity recognition and classification in written Basque. The system is designed in four steps: first, the development of a recognizer based on linguistic information represented on finite-state-transducers; second, the generation of semi-automatically annotated corpora from the result of these transducers; third, the achievement of the best possible recognizer by training different ML techniques on these corpora; and finally, the combination of the different recognizers obtained. Eihera classifies the named entities into three classes: person, organization and location.
Task Named Entity Recognition
Demo Invocation http://www.xuxen.com/
Language Name Basque
Service Provider Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea. Ixa Taldea
Contact i.alegria@ehu.es
Service Technology Web Application
Resource Creator
Url http://ixa2.si.ehu.es/demo/entitateak.jsp
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