AnCora-DEP-ES Corpus Text

Resource Name AnCora-DEP-ES
Description AnCora-DEP-Es is the AnCora-Es multilevel annotated corpus of Spanish in dependency-based representation, consisting of 500,000 words approximately. AnCora-DEP-Es can be used as source of information for inducing grammars, developing, improving and/or evaluating syntactic parsers and algorithms for semantic role labelling, dependency-based. This corpus is used in the CoNLL Shared Task 2009: Syntactic and Semantic Dependencies in Multiple Languages, where the core of the task is to predict syntactic and semantic dependencies and their labelling.
Language Name Spanish
Annotation Standoff false
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Character Encoding Utf 8
Contact Person M Antònia Martí Antonín
Creation Mode Mixed
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Identifier UB_ancoraESdep
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Language Identifier es
Licence Gpl
Linguality Monolingual
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Resource Short Name AnCora-DEP-ES
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