3LB: Building a syntactic-semantic-trees-based database Project

Name 3LB: Building a syntactic-semantic-trees-based database
Homepage http://www.dlsi.ua.es/projectes/3lb/index_en.html
Description The main objective of 3LB project is to build three treebanks (syntactically annotated corpus) for Spanish, Catalan and Basque. Besides the syntactic annotation, it will be carried out a semantic annotation by means of the synsets of the different wordnets (http://www.cogsci.princeton.edu/~wn/w3wn.html) built for each language, as well as an annotation of anaphoric and elliptic elements just as the co-reference. Corpus extension for Spanish and Catalan will be 100.000 words, and 50.000 for Basque due to more notational complexity and smaller covering of its wordnet (35.000 entries instead of 100.000 for the Spanish and 65.000 for the Catalan).
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1 Corpus Texts
An Cora Ca
An Cora Es