IULA Spanish LSP Treebank Corpus Text

Resource Name IULA Spanish LSP Treebank
Description This treebank consists of a number of sentences syntactically analyzed. The sentences have been choosed from the IULA LSP corpus, automatically annotated with POS information and manually annotated with syntactical information using the DELPH-IN environment. The resulting syntactic analysis is automatically converted to dependencies and delivered using the CONLL format.
Language Name Spanish
Url http://hdl.handle.net/10230/20048
Annotation Mode Manual
Annotation Standoff false
Annotation Tool
  • FreeLing
  • logon
Annotation Type Syntactic Annotation: Treebanks
Character Encoding Utf 8
Contact Person Jorge Vivaldi
Creation Mode Manual
  • medicine
  • economy
  • environment
  • computer science
  • law
Funding Project Metanet4 U – Enhancing The European Linguistic Infrastructure
Identifier http://hdl.handle.net/10230/20048
Language Code http://www.fao.org/aims/aos/languagecode.owl#spa
Language Identifier es
Licence Cc By
Linguality Monolingual
Media Type Media Type
Meta Share Identifier NOT_DEFINED_FOR_V2
Mime Type http://purl.org/NET/mediatypes/text/plain
Original Source IULACT http://bwananet.iula.upf.edu
Resource Creator Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Institut Universitari De Lingüística Aplicada (IULA)
Resource Short Name Spanish LSP Treebank
Segmentation Level Word
Size Information http://lodserver.iula.upf.edu/Metashare/resource/size_N15B6E
Tagset EAGLES tagset for Spanish