Text Similarity Task

Description Text similarity is the task of comparing text segments based on the number of common words or shared information in paragraphs or sentences.
See Also Semantic similarity   [ DBpedia   Wikipedia ]
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1 Reports
Automatic Detection Of Reuses And Citations In Literary Texts
Automated Attribution And Intertextual Analysis
2 Chapters
Increasing Recall For Text Re Use In Historical Documents To Support Research In The Humanities
3 Articles
Comparing The Similarities And Differences Between Two Translations
Infectious Texts: Modeling Text Reuse In Nineteenth Century Newspapers
Biblical Intertextuality In A Digital World: The Tool Gertrude
Modeling The Scholars: Detecting Intertextuality Through Enhanced Word Level Ngram Matching
Tracing The Flow Of Policy Ideas In Legislatures: A Text Reuse Approach
Computational Historiography: Data Mining In A Century Of Classics Journals
A Computational Model Of Text Reuse In Ancient Literary Texts
Refining Causality: Who Copied From Whom?
Something Borrowed: Sequence Alignment And The Identification Of Similar Passages In Large Text Collections
Detection Of Citations And Textual Reuse On Ancient Greek Texts And Its Applications In The Classical Studies: Eaqua Project
Quantitative Patterns Of Stylistic Influence In The Evolution Of Literature
Determining If Two Documents Are Written By The Same Author
4 Projects
Viral Texts: Mapping Networks Of Reprinting In 19th Century Newspapers And Magazines
5 Services
Ted Pedersen's Text Similarity Web Service