PANACEA Italian V-SUBCAT gold-standard for ENV domain ComputationalLexicon

Resource Name PANACEA Italian V-SUBCAT gold-standard for ENV domain
Description The PANACEA_SCF_Gold_ENV_IT is a manually created gold-standard lexicon of verbal subcategorisation frames for 26 verb lemmas. The language is Italian and the domain is Environment. The lexicon was created through manual annotation of 200 random contexts drawn from the MC_v1_ENV_IT corpus. The gold-standard was produced at CNR-ILC, Pisa, Italy as an outcome of the PANACEA EU-FP7 Funded Project under Grant Agreement 248064 (
Language Name Italian
Documentation Customizable Scf Acquisition In Italian
Resource Creator Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche. Istituto Di Linguistica Computazionale 'antonio Zampolli'
Contact Person Monica Monachini
Funding Project PANACEA
Linguality Monolingual
Character Encoding Utf 8
Domain environment
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