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Resource Name LMF UPF Term
Description This is the LMF version of the LMF UPF Term located at http://www.iula.upf.edu/rec/upfterm/cat/index.htm. The UPF_TERM terminological data bank was created with the purpose of establishing an electronic resort for the consultation and diffusion of terminological projects elaborated by students of the Facultat de Traducció i Interpretació, by the IULA and other work and research centres in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The UPF_TERM bank, placed in a database server devoted to this end, is free access for students, lecturers and researchers, from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra as well as outside users. UPF_TERM is the name that receives the set of global resorts of this terminology bank, which is divided in several databases. Each database gathers terminological papers with common features; therefore, the questions and answers can be more productive. Each register of each database has the author, the title and the origin of each project.
Url http://www.iula.upf.edu
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Documentation Vocabulari Bàsic De Genoma Humà = Vocabulario Básico De Genoma Humano
Resource Creator Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Institut Universitari De Lingüística Aplicada (IULA)
Contact Person Jorge Vivaldi
Funding Project Metanet4 U – Enhancing The European Linguistic Infrastructure
Linguality Multilingual
Character Encoding Utf 8
Conformance To Standards Or Best Practices LMF
Creation Mode Automatic
Encoding Level Morphology
Identifier IULA_LMFterm
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Licence Cc By Nc Sa
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Mime Type http://purl.org/NET/mediatypes/text/xml
Original Source UPF Term located at http://www.iula.upf.edu/rec/upfterm/cat/index.htm
Size Information http://lodserver.iula.upf.edu/Metashare/resource/size_N17FEF