Catalan LMF Freeling Sense ComputationalLexicon

Resource Name Catalan LMF Freeling Sense
Description This is the LMF version of the Catalan Freeling Sense. FreeLing is a developer-oriented library providing language analysis services. FreeLing is designed to be used as an external library from any application requiring this kind of services. Nevertheless, a simple main program is also provided as a basic interface to the library, which enables the user to analyze text files from the command line. The original Catalan and Spanish sense dictionaries are extracted from EuroWordNe{@en}t, and the reduced subsets included in this FreeLing package are distibuted under GNU GPL license.
Language Name Catalan
Documentation Free Ling: An Open Source Suite Of Language Analyzers
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Linguality Monolingual
Character Encoding Utf 8
Conformance To Standards Or Best Practices LMF
Creation Mode Automatic
Domain general
Encoding Level Morphology
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Licence Gpl
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Original Source Catalan Freeling Sense as described in
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